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Marv Thomas - Relationship, Marriage, and Premarital Counseling

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Relationship, Marriage,
and Premarital Counseling

I have discovered that problems arise in relationships from a variety of sources: 

During a session with me, you and your partner will explore the sources of the difficulties you are facing.

For more than 45 years I have been working as a relationship therapist helping couples dance together in a more loving and harmonious way. My primary approach is to help partners find within themselves the love that potentially lies at the heart of every relationship. I take an approach of curiosity and teaching rather than faultfinding or blame. Instead of trying to figure out who is wrong, we will be working in partnership to bring harmony to your relationship.

The counseling process begins with the first phone call, when a conversation usually develops to explore the initial reason for seeking counseling. Often, I will talk with both of you over the phone to lay the groundwork for our collaboration. The first session is a three-hour in-depth exploration to identify the nature of your challenges, to evaluate their source, and to agree upon a course of action. Sometimes that one session totally resolves the question on the table. If we decide on follow-up work, that usually will include weekly sessions and homework that is specifically tailored to your unique needs as a couple. We often hold counseling sessions for an extended time—anything from an extra half hour to several hours. I am available to keep going with you until the issue is resolved.

The fee for couples work is $350 for the initial three-hour session and $140 for subsequent one-hour sessions. I do not take insurance for privacy reasons.

My office is conveniently located in NE Seattle.

Disclosure Statement

Every person who offers counseling in the State of Washington is required to describe his or her work and credentials in a Disclosure Statement. View/Download my Disclosure Statement. 

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"Community is at the core of what it is to be human." —Marv Thomas 

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