From individuals

"At the lowest moment of my life, Marv helped me to restore my faith in myself. He is a wonderful balance between compassion, intuition, insight, and a low tolerance for bullshit."

"I do continue to count my lucky stars that both of you came into my life when you did and started me on what turned out to be a very painful but ultimately rewarding journey."

"As a busy professional who was traveling internationally, I was living with a lot of pressure as I tried to balance work and family obligations.  I wanted more than balance, I wanted to enjoy my life.  Marv possesses a rare combination of qualities and skills.  Integrated within him are (a) years of experience, (b) technical competence in a variety of psychological and whole person approaches to change and most importantly (c) a personal commitment to living a purpose filled life in service of others.  Marv used his experience, talent and skill from a values driven place to support me in making deep changes in my life.  I feel more clear, confident and compassionate as a result of our time together."

"[With Marv] I am totally free to be myself and talk about anything."

"Marv is special.  He listens AND hears what I say.  He challenges me asking the questions that force me to go deeper.  Most of all, he understands me--who I am, how I think and feel and what technique works best in helping me move forward in my self exploration.  What a gem he is! I am so grateful to have had Marv by my side for many years."

From couples

"No couple goes to a couple's counselor with joy leaping in their hearts. But Marv and Peggy created a safe and supportive atmosphere from day-one that really helped us make progress quickly.  And Marv's deeply intuitive awareness helped both of us uncover issues from our past which years of individual therapy had never touched. For that we are forever grateful."

"My husband and I had separated and close to divorcing when Marv Thomas was referred to us. Our marriage had collapsed and we were both in a state of polarization by our teenaged daughter’s drug addiction.  Marv spent three hours with us during our first visit, getting us securely back onto a ledge, as he put it. Over a period of two years, Marv met with us on a regular basis. Because of our hit and miss schedules, he often agree to several hours of therapy at a time.  There were many times I thought I would not have survived while living through our daughter’s hell, without Marv there, right by my side. I would highly recommend Marv to anyone struggling with personal issues of any kind."


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"Community is at the core of what it is to be human." —Marv Thomas 

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Feedback Marv has received over the years from individuals and couples.

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